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Lives tragically lost to suicide while inpatients at various  hospitals and treatment centers. 

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About Us

Our Mission is inpatient safety for those in crisis or at risk for self-harm and suicide.

Key to this Mission is to Break the Silence surrounding suicide. Only through our talking about it can we begin to save lives.

About Us

What We Do

Originally launched on May 8, 2007, as,  we are a non-profit organization established as a watch-dog over standards of care for psychiatric and behavioral treatment facilities and hospitals.  Our focus is on holding these institutions accountable for standards such as safety practices, licensing, staffing ratios, credentialing, staff quality/education, observation levels and full disclosure to the public about their physical plant and programmatic structures.  We are concerned not only about the hospitals and treatment facilities themselves, but also about the staff (professionals and para-professionals) employed at these institutuions and the quality of patient care being delivered - particularly to those in crisis or at risk for self-harm and suicide.  We, as an organization, are committed to keeping those in crisis and at risk appropriately cared for and safe.

Why We Do What We do

Our Mission is dedicated to R. Matthew "Matt" Burne and Denise Lee Dixon who both died from suicide while inpatients at THE MEADOWS OF WICKENBURG

in Arizona.  Denise took her life on March 9, 1999 and Matt died on November 28, 2004. 

THE MEADOWS is licensed as a Level 1 Psychiatric Acute Hospital by the AZ Department of Behavioral Health Services with full JCAHO standards compliance. 

Break the Silence was launched on May 8, 2007 after the lawsuit, Burne v. The Meadows was settled allowing the Burne family to begin their suicide prevention advocacy.  The first, and original website, has been replaced with this new version providing newer technologies, links and information to the public.

The Information We Provide

Our new website and has been created and updated to provide the public with information about suicide, namely inpatient suicides, and how to be your loved one's advocate when someone you care for is in crisis in a treatment facility.  It serves to educate the public about various hospitals/treatment centers where suicides have occurred.   It will link you to articles, documents and videos that will provide insight if or when an at-risk loved one needs to be hospitalized.  And, most importantly, through this information it will hopefully save lives

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This site is currently under construction.  Please check back soon for additional information, pages, articles, links, etc.   Thank you.

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